September 23, 2020

Wave Water Works Achievements

Local television channels and local suburban newspapers have done extensive reporting on Wave Water Works’ achievements over the last few years.

We have a long history of effective marketing using the techniques – as in many if not all thriving businesses today working in the global markets. Much work has brought us into this world where we now exist, as an important player, respected green energy/water energy expert and spokesperson. Local television and suburban newspapers has done extensive reporting on our achievements over the last few years.

Our invitation to the Panama Event stems from our repeated exposure in the Caribbean, across the United States at every major port and or municipality, our exposure in the media (local, national and global), our joint work at and with Oakland University School of Engineering. I would estimate that we received over $3.5 million in no cost consulting (for approximately 4 years) from University Engineering Staff and Teaching staff, Senior Graduate Students, classroom instruction and advice, etc. from the Deans office to the Engineering School Senior staff. The professional and experienced help we have received from the State of Michigan, Oakland County, City of Rochester and some federal agencies has come from through the Oakland County Business Incubator, where we are active members, maintain an almost free office for Hugo Pimental (recent Master’s graduate and other WWW staff members to us when an office at a major university is needed. It does add credibility when your vendors, politicians, peers, etc. meet with you at your own University Campus office! We have three major funders looking us over very carefully; one of them comes from UAE offering us from $1 Million up to $500 Million .

Again, another accomplishment coming from our marketing and activities in the general business global market as industry experts. Yes, our marketing has done wonders and will continue, expanding and adapting to a new and ever changing global market. Our WWW website will be going through updates shortly; but as it is now, we have a great presence.

Keys’ professional relationships comprise a vast network that also includes the State of Michigan, Oakland County, City of Rochester and many federal agencies through his work with the Oakland University Business Incubator, marketing and activities in the general business global market as industry experts.

The Brazil project came from his marketing and experience in attracting Brazil’s major University, their port authority, national government offices, their navy, etc. Wave Water Works is currently establishing a sales office at Brazil’s IFPE which will handle, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. WWW will help Brazil set up a sales office to allow them to build an income stream to finance the complete development of their business. Keys will also helping them set up a manufacturing and distribution factory/authority. This business model will be the basis for his company’s continued global growth. He will help his clients become independent, meanwhile WWW will maintain quality oversight of the entire process.