September 24, 2020

Keys2Business Work with Brazil

CHUCK KEYS / Keys2Business Work with Brazil

In addition to much life experience as an entrepreneur, Chuck Keys is an author, civil rights and climate activist. His work directing Wave Water Works’ has brought him to this place in time. Since 2012, he has endeavored to be a “blue” green energy expert and spokesperson. Keys’ invitation to be Keynote Speaker at the Action on Disaster Recovery (ADR) 2020 came out of his work with the Oscillo Drive, a wave water device, which garnered repeated exposure in the Caribbean, across the United States at every major port and or municipality, in the media, and support from the many state, international and university groups including Brazil’s Federal Institute of Pernambuco, and his long collaboration with Michigan’s Oakland University School of Engineering.

Recently, Keys (representing Wave Water Works) signed a contract with Brazil for an important new partnership. His marketing and green energy experience attracted Brazil’s major public technology university, Instituto Federal De Educacao – Pernambuco (IFPE), their port authority, national government offices, their navy, etc. Currently, he is establishing an office at Brazil’s IFPE which will handle, South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

He is helping Brazil set up a sales office to allow them to build an income stream to finance the complete development of their business. Their business model will be the basis for Keys2Business’ company’s continued global growth, by helping his clients to become independent, while maintaining quality oversight. Furthermore, Keys and team are exploring likely avenues of research on the topic of rapid recovery from disasters to be covered by research grants at both IFPE and universities in Chile. The goal is to create a cooperative model of green
technologies, research and an affordable purchase program or country-cooperative “lending library” of modular disaster recovery solutions for countries and non-profit organizations in the region.

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