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Action on Disaster Relief Spotlight Address by Charles Keys

Disaster Recovery & Green Tech “Gut Check” in the Time of COVID It Hasn’t Changed Much – Just Everything

Wave Energy Power

Exploration of Near Shore Wave Energy Conversion is going on under the leadership of K2B in regions of the Americas including, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and The United States.

Proposed and researched is a multi-barge system utilizing dozens of Oscillo Drives on each to produce electricity of storage or immediate use in coastal communities.

Pandemic Waste2Energy Projects

New Technology Converts Highly Toxic Hospital Waste Into Clean Power Resource.

Medical waste disposal has always presented unique challenges to local communities, such as contamination of people, soil and water. The current global pandemic has exacerbated the problem. New technology exists that will vaporize even the most toxic medical trash that can then be utilized in producing clean abundant power for local community use.

Rapid-Response Emergency Drinking Water

Emergency Water Availability is critical for communities after natural disasters. Water is heavy, plastic is toxic and so bottled water though often the most viable choice is not the ideal. Many thousands of water bottles remain in Puerto Rico years after Hurricane Maria destroyed much of the infrastructure of that island. Using integrated green technologies of solar, wave and wind power, a new Green Life Raft is being tested to produce clean drinking water is the precise conditions that Puerto Rico found itself in after the hurricanes. Ten thousand gallons per day per raft is feasible and set-up is quick, simple and easy.

Brazil Multi-Green Technology Integration

Keys2Business is developing a green economy sector in the country of Brazil. By researching, developing and manufacturing new green technologies for desalination, ocean power and solar, it is proposed that whole new sectors of the Brazilian economy will be developed resulting in thousands of new, well-paying jobs. Keys2Business believes a green economy will result in a prosperous people. The Brazilian government agrees, and has provided several grants to prove the concept.

Chile and Colombia Research and Development

Keys2Business is developing research proposals for the exploration of wave power and other green technologies in the countries of Chile and Colombia. Modeling success in Brazil, the emphasis is on the abundant sun and ocean wave energies and developing ways to harnessing and integration. It is estimated that by early 2021 universities will be researching specific green technology models for these countries. Proposals are being accepted.


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