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I have 40+ years of successful sales, business management, marketing, and renewable green energy  experience. I am seeking a position that utilizes my diverse leadership experiences, salesmanship, and drive. I  have reactivated many companies as a change agent — responding to the ever-evolving business climate. The  environmental climate is also part of my wheelhouse, as I have been focused in the last decade on the green  renewable and conversion energy market segment. My extensive and expert sales and communication skills  are the foundation of my career. I possess an upbeat confidence that comes from wide-ranging international  experiences and responsibilities, making me invaluable on both the domestic and international scene. My  background includes working as a Global, National, Local Business Marketing Consultant, Business Starts & Re Starts, Business Project Management, Renewable Green Energy Projects, Fossil Fuel Changeover/Conversion,  and creative financing/partnership options. Throughout North, Central, South America and Caribbean Nations,  I am a known and respected lecturer and writer on Business Coaching and Green Renewable Energy. My  presence is positive and dynamic, whether in a conference setting or a team meeting. My natural curiosity and  positive attitude envelop all tasks. I embrace an approach based on respect and humility and can effectively  relate to all staff members and clients at all levels of an organization. I have led coalitions that have improved  sales and created more efficient processes.  


Keys2Business LLC, Owner/CEO, August 1987 – Present 

As an experienced consultant, I work in all phases of the business life cycle: Business plans, marketing &  communication plans, strategic business plans, start-ups, restarts, recruiting, hiring, and training. Expert sales  and management skills support all aspects of the business life cycle. I work with all types of businesses —  large, small, public, private, chains, manufacturing, soft or hard goods, financial services, real estate,  government entities, retail, medical, wholesale, vendors, auto industry suppliers, and web-based.  

Charles H. Keys DBA CEO of “Wave Water Works LLC”, Jan 2010 – May 2021 

Introduced a green energy conversion product from its inception, thru its Start-up to manufacture in local,  national, and global markets, media manufacturers, vendors, using my business, sales and marketing plans. 

  • Developed and managed the working relationships between the company components and staff, as  well as with local, regional, US Federal and Global vendors, agencies, representatives. Recruited, hired, and managed Staff in U.S. and Brazil. Some staff funded by grants that I procured, both in US and  Brazil. 
  • Managed all documentation, contracts, agreements, relationships, study and preparation and  implementation. Built / managed the administrative structure of the business Wave Water Works LLC. Created, built, and managed legal relationships locally, regionally, nationally and globally. 
  • Primary Agent of record in all business contracts, arrangements, relationships, including major  Universities and Schools of Engineering for R&D. Created relationships, funded by working with Local, State, Regional, National and Global Agencies. Managed/ administered grant funding. 
  • Built relationship with a major company in Brazil, working with the local, National and Federal  Government Offices, and with a major University in an R & D partnership focused on green energy. 
  • Trade Show Agent of Record and Manager at the Action on Disaster Recovery (ADR) “Global Disaster Relief Conference” in both years 2020 and 2021 in Panama City, Panama, Central America. 

ALLSTATE Insurance – Licensed Life & Health Insurance Specialist, 1992 – 1997 

Awarded No. 1 U.S. Insurance Agent (Life, Health, Disability, Long Term Care)— recognition for my sales ability. 

Keys Business Insurance Agency (KBIA) / KEYS2BENEFITS,1990 – 2008  

Owner/Principal Agent, Licensed agents of life, health, disability, long-term care insurance. (Evolved into  Keys2Benefits LLC). 70% Sales; 30% Business Management & Administration.  

Quidnunc Marketing Consultants LLC, 1988 – 1990 

Full service marketing support and business consultancy. Clients included Northville Downs Racetrack and the Michigan Democratic Party. 60% Sales; 40% Marketing and Business Planning.  

Detroit Police Department – Officer, Community Relations Officer, Program Director – June 1968 – Sep 1984 

  • Focused on Crime Prevention & Patrol, crime investigations as an officer. Sponsored a Law  Enforcement Explorer Post of over 100 precinct boys and girls/youth over the age of 14. 
  • In Community Relations, I created, managed, and procured program funding for Youth & Seniors to  achieve a better standard of living, by building a citizen coalition. Managed and pursued funding for children’s activities & sports as well as for severe cases of need. Also, I developed Crime Prevention  based on building relationships with precinct officers and social agencies through stakeholder  involvement and a comprehensive communication plan. Involved City, State, and Federal Officials, elected and appointed, to maintain and nurture those helpful relationships. Had numerous speaker engagements on crime prevention and safety.  

Corporate Express Air Freight, 1986 – 1988  

Managed private air freight charters and shipments. 50% Sales, 50% Business Management & Administration Independent Gold Sales and Precious Metal Broker & Refiner, 1975 – 1987 National purchaser, refiner, and sales of platinum, silver and gold. 90% Sales, 10% Business Administration  


Wayne State University, Detroit MI. Associates | Business Admin, 1965 – 1975  


In February 2020 and 2021, I was featured as a keynote speaker at the ADR2020 World Conference –  “Action on Disaster Recovery,” held in Panama, Central America speaking on the topic of: A  Cooperative Model for Rapid Power Deployment and Preemptive Long-Term Intervention. My  invitation stemmed from the Wave Water Works’ repeated exposure and subsequent interest and  new business in South & Central America, the Caribbean, across the US in the local, national and  global media, and my support and cooperation with government, business and consumers. 

Business Associations:  

Michigan Business Accelerator Fund  

Michigan Economic Development Corporation MEDC  

Michigan Economic Growth Institute  

Michigan Israeli Business Bridge MIBB  

Brazil’s Federal Institute of Pernambuco  

Long-time collaboration with Oakland University School of Engineering and Business  Long-time member of Oakland County Business Incubator  

Other Experience / Memberships / Awards  

Member, Michigan Energy Services Coalition Committee  

Keynote Speaker & Moderator of panel discussions Action on Disaster Recovery (ADR) 2020 and 2021  Founding Member/Board of Directors Southwest Detroit Hospital Community Mental Health  Elected Member, Northville City Councilperson, Northville, Michigan USA  

Member, Northville City Planning Commission  

Member, Northville City Labor Negotiations Liaison  

President and Board Member of Northville Rotary Club  

Executive Partnership/Leadership Publishing Worldwide, 500 Business Coaches in 41 Countries  Director/Consultant for BNI-Michigan Business Networking International, Inc.  

Chairperson, Michigan’s 11th District Democratic Committee  

District Financial Chairperson for Boy Scouts of America  

Executive Board of Directors of Southwest Detroit YMCA  

Member & Youth Mentor, Northville City Board Member of Community Youth Assistance  Allstate Life Insurance National Recognition Award – #1 Agent in US Life Specialist  

Detroit Police Officer Meritorious and Awarded Law Enforcement & Community Relations  Detroit Police Officer Business United with Officer and Youth BUOYII, Founder, Director  Detroit Police Officer Law Enforcement Exploring BSA, Director  

Recipient of several “Poetry Soup” Awards  


“Cutting Edge Small Business Success Strategies: How your Business can Survive and Thrive in the 21st.  Century”; Copyrighted in 2014, Published in 2015  

“A Walk through MY LIFE”, a book of poetry, published 2009  

My Websites  

For more specific info about my work, please view my websites: 




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