Stephen Piku

Regional Security Officer  (August 1998 to August 1999), U. S. Department of State, U. S. Embassy  (Sarajevo, B.H.) , U. S. Embassy, Sarajevo, B.H.

  • Commanded the executive protection detail for the Ambassador.
  •  Developed training programs for the security force.
  • Analyzed intelligence information and coordinated threat assessment.
  • Liaison for all intelligence programs with NATO military command, local police, and the embassy staff.

Security Manager and Personnel Manager (1992 to 1996), United States Army (WI, CA, MI)
Assumed responsibility for human resources operations for 10,000 personnel Security Director direct systems security which enhanced control of intellectual property by civilian and military personnel, directed Counterintelligence Operations, Managed background investigations and improved case backlog by 60%, directed investigations, acted as Security Operations Advisor to the general staff.
Regional Security Officer (August 1989 to May 1991), U. S. Department of State, U.S. Embassy (Kingston, Jamaica)

  • Directed and improved armed security force of 300 men with a budget of $3.3 million.
  • Monitored and organized intelligence gathering data and disseminated information.
  • Structured crime prevention programs that based on annual statistics, reduced serious crime by 15 percent.

Senior Resident Agent (1986 to 1989), U.S. Department of State  (Detroit, MI)

Supervised a team of 4 field investigators.  Replaced an outdated communication system with new technology increasing office efficiency. Managed security concepts and anti-terrorism programs to foreign embassies and devised programs for Fortune 500 companies.

Other Experience

Army Reserve Officer, 1978 to 2004
Detroit Police Supervisor, Watch Commander, Detective Sergeant, 1968 to 1985
Detroit Police Department, Detroit, MI


MA., Criminal Justice, University of Detroit, Detroit, Michigan
B.S. Police Administration, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan


Expertise & Skills

  • HUMINT and CI operations
  • Criminal investigations risk assessment
  • Manage and direct training programs
  • Certified fraud examiner
  • Physical security expert
  • Decisive and analytical decision maker
  • Liaison with Law enforcement
  • DIA
  • NATO
  • Skilled in human resource management, develop and manage threat analysis and strategy
  • Certified system security expert
  • Designed an d directed security force policy and standards
  • Skilled problem solver
  • Directed and developed emergency force plans and responses
  • Skilled in executive protection
  • VIP protection
  • Protected 6 Secretary of States as well as Presidents and other foreign dignitaries
  • Affairs of State expert in coordinating and imp[lamenting foreign protective programs
  • Subject matter expert in the Carribean, The Balkans , Africa and Germany, Designed and protected US Embassies in Jamaica, Niger,Yugoslavia, Germany.

Stephen Piku
Senior Security Analyst

Phone: (703)795-7505
West Bloomfield, Michigan 48322 US


Executive Security Manger with a wide range of military, intelligence, security, and investigative leadership roles with over twenty years worldwide experience. Track record that demonstrates good fit and readiness for senior leadership in corporate security. Decisive and analytical decision maker with excellent problem solving skills. Strong ability to produce cutting edge results while minimizing budget.


Recognized by peers and superiors for ability to solve problems economically and develop employee professional growth and productivity, Expertise in physical security, Writing and developing security force policy, human resource management, emergency planning and response, law enforcement liaison, executive protection, certified systems security professional, investigations, counterintelligence, risk analysis, coordinating and directing training programs, designing and testing survival equipment, logistics management, budget preparation, guard force management, computer literate, certified fraud examiner. Top Secret Clearance/SCI.

Professional Experience

Senior Security Analyst (2007 to present), Department of Homeland Security (Washington, DC), Office of Security and Integrity

Senior analyst and subject matter expert developing and formulating security policy and standards for Homeland  Security.

  • Developed Physical security policies for Office of Immigration
  • Designed policy manual for field agents
  • Rewrote and reviewed policy standards for security personnel

Special Agent, Branch Chief, Defensive Equipment  (2004 to 2007), U. S. Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security (Springfield, VA)
As Branch Chief of the Defensive Equipment Division of the Bureau, manage a budget of $31 million and a staff of 12 personnel.  Spearhead initiatives to bring budget into line with resources available, taking innovative steps to reduce Budget expenditures.

  • Spearheaded the design and testing of a new ballistic vest that increased protection while reducing costs $325 thousand annually.
  • Designed and implemented a new system security inventory control system that will enhance record keeping and reduce costs $250 thousand annually.
  • Coordinated an interagency agreement that resulted in the recovery of confiscated ammunition with a savings of $500 thousand to the government.
  • Developed an innovative program to reuse older weapons systems that resulted in a savings of $125 thousand annually.

Senior Army Officer, Intelligence Officer, Analyst (March 2003 to August 2004 ), United States Army, Ft. Belvoir and Pentagon Washington, DC  

Assumed responsibilities security management, physical security, systems security, human resource management, counterintelligence, coordinating training programs, risk analysis., force protection,  direct investigations, directed Intelligence Report Task Force and coordinated reports for the White House and Joints Chiefs. Chaired Intelligence analysis meetings worldwide and developed counterterrorism strategy.


Analyzed and collected data, assessed threat levels, recommended strategy, prepared reports and disseminated the information to theater commanders.  Directed and controlled training programs for the Intelligence command and Defense Intelligence Agency. Analyzed current in place security measures assessed vulnerabilities and provided recommendations and risk analysis for the U. S. Army Task Force on Iraq.

Security Director (Feb to May 2002), S. Department of State, U. S. Embassy (Niamey, Niger)
Directed a guard force of over 200 personnel with a budget of $4.5 million.   Coordinated intelligence activities; developed risk analysis strategy for the Ambassador and senior staff.

  • Devised a security program based on annual statistics that reduced serious crime by 12 percent in a three month period of time.   

Regional Security Officer  (January to May 2001 ), U. S. Department of State, U. S. Embassy  (Belgrade, Yugoslavia)

Directed the Ambassador’s security detail.  Organized action plans for intelligence and security programs and a staff of 25.  Developed a streamlined intelligence gathering process.

  • Improved security force efficiency 50 percent by addressing issues of low morale and job dissatisfaction.   In this case, genuine interest in the issues among the protective unit was a winning strategy, earning their trust and response in performance.

  • Expert in police management and training programs skilled in sensitive investigations worked as detective supervisor and watch commander, in Detroit Police Department.
  • In US Army worked in Pentagon special task force on HUMINT and CI operations and developed classified report for the Joint chiefs of Staff and POTUS. Was J2 in key west responsible as chief security manager for SE Command. This was 300 thousand personnel military and civilian to include FBI, DEA, US Marshals AND army mp, cid AND LOCAL CIVILIAN AGENCIES.
  • Expert in budget preparation, logistics management, contract negotiations.
  • Expert in firearm s and training programs certified firearms instructor.
  • Expertise in preventing corporate espionage

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