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K2B Green Business Consultants is a sustainability consultancy advocating profit from environmental thinking by using less, saving more and selling smarter.


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Is your organization thriving during these turbulent times?

Wherever you are on your business change journey, there are many options for improving performance – with more emerging every day.

How can you minimize disruption during business transitions?
What do employees and customers expect from you? What delivers the highest value?

Keys2Green Business Consultants helps you cut through the confusion and embrace change as a powerful business opportunity.

We are a management consulting firm committed to making your business thrive. Our consultants have tackled the most complex projects and transformed challenges into opportunities while inspiring leadership and igniting the passion of employees.

Our bottom line? We can boost your business through our sustainability, change management and training services.

Keys2Green Business Consultancy

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Green Technology Companies

We provide organizations practical step by step guidance on improving efficiencies, reducing costs, monitoring resource use and sustainability reporting.

Solar Power

The sun produces enough power in 1 hour to supply the needs for all humanity for an entire year. Innovative technologies must focus on capturing more of it for human use.

Wind Power

Wind turbines provide 8% of US generating capacity. This is more than any other renewable technology.

Bio Fuels

Bio Fuels are fuels such as ethanol and biomass-based diesel fuel that are made from biomass materials. Sources of fuel include sugar cane, beets, potatoes, rice and yard clippings. Waste from food and medical uses are being developed as well.

Active Projects

CHUCK KEYS / Keys2Business Work with Brazil

In addition to much life experience as an entrepreneur, Chuck Keys is an author, civil rights and climate activist. His work directing Wave Water Works’ has brought him to this place in time. Since 2012, he has endeavored to be a “blue” green energy expert and spokesperson. Keys’ invitation to be Keynote Speaker at the Action on Disaster Recovery (ADR) 2020 came out of his work with the Oscillo Drive, a wave water device, which garnered repeated exposure in the Caribbean, across the United States at every major port and or municipality, in the media, and support from the many state, international and university groups including Brazil’s Federal Institute of Pernambuco, and his long collaboration with Michigan’s Oakland University School of Engineering. Recently, Keys (representing Wave Water Works) signed a contract with Brazil for an important new partnership. His marketing and green energy experience attracted Brazil's major public technology university, Instituto Federal De Educacao - Pernambuco (IFPE), their port authority, national government offices, their navy, etc. Currently, he is establishing an office at Brazil’s IFPE which will handle, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. He is helping Brazil set up a sales office to allow them to build an income stream to finance the complete development of their business. Their business model will be the basis for Keys2Business’ company’s continued global growth, by helping his clients to become independent, while maintaining quality oversight. Furthermore, Keys and team are exploring likely avenues of research on the topic of rapid recovery from disasters to be covered by research grants at both IFPE and universities in Chile. The goal is to create a cooperative model of green technologies, research and an affordable purchase program or country-cooperative “lending library” of modular disaster recovery solutions for countries and non-profit organizations in the region.

Pandemic Waste2Energy Projects

New Technology Converts Highly Toxic Hospital Waste Into Clean Power Resource.
Medical waste disposal has always presented unique challenges to local communities, such as contamination of people, soil and water. The current global pandemic has exacerbated the problem. New technology exists that will vaporize even the most toxic medical trash that can then be utilized in producing clean abundant power for local community use. Keys2Business is actively seeking pilot sites for the demonstration of this technology in Brazil, Chile, and Colombia. Some island countries are being considered as well.

Brazil Multi-Green Technology Integration

Keys2Business is developing a green economy sector in the country of Brazil. By researching, developing and manufacturing new green technologies for desalination, ocean power and solar, it is proposed that whole new sectors of the Brazilian economy will be developed resulting in thousands of new, well-paying jobs. Keys2Business believes a green economy will result in a prosperous people. The Brazilian government agrees, and has provided several grants to prove the concept.

Chile and Colombia Research and Development

Keys2Business is developing research proposals for the exploration of wave power and other green technologies in the countries of Chile and Colombia. Modeling success in Brazil, the emphasis is on the abundant sun and ocean wave energies and developing ways to harnessing and integration. It is estimated that by early 2021 universities will be researching specific green technology models for these countries. Proposals are being accepted.

Wave Energy Power

Exploration of Near Shore Wave Energy Conversion is going on under the leadership of K2B in regions of the Americas including, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and The United States. Proposed and researched is a multi-barge system utilizing dozens of Oscillo Drives on each to produce electricity of storage or immediate use in coastal communities.

Rapid-Response Emergency Drinking Water

Emergency Water Availability is critical for communities after natural disasters. Water is heavy, plastic is toxic and so bottled water though often the most viable choice is not the ideal. Many thousands of water bottles remain in Puerto Rico years after Hurricane Maria destroyed much of the infrastructure of that island. Using integrated green technologies of solar, wave and wind power, a new Green Life Raft is being tested to produce clean drinking water is the precise conditions that Puerto Rico found itself in after the hurricanes. Ten thousand gallons per day per raft is feasible and set-up is quick, simple and easy.

Bio Fuels

Bio Fuels are fuels such as ethanol and biomass-based diesel fuel that are made from biomass materials. Sources of fuel include sugar cane, beets, potatoes, rice and yard clippings. Waste from food and medical uses are being developed as well.

K2B Business

K2B delivers cost savings and value creation through environmental strategies to build competitive advantage.


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Professional strategy to meet your needs ​

At K2B we work with clients in both the public and private sectors to help them become more sustainable, profitable and appealing to both customers and shareholders.

Whether you need assistance identifying gaps in your current sustainability strategy, want to improve your carbon footprint, learn how to better manage your supply chain or want to minimise waste, K2B can tailor a professional strategy to meet your needs.

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